Miracles do not happen! And what do YOU earn?

Miracles do not happen! And what do YOU earn?

We make money by providing a website – service and turnkey services. No hidden fees or commissions.

All our earnings are included in the cost of miners and electricity.

Electricity fees include all costs associated with mining, including:

– the cost of electricity itself

– cooling

– maintenance work

– hosting services.

Electricity fees are included in your monthly payments, which are automatically deducted from your inked funds.

What about miracles – it happens every day, we are 100% sure it is!

How often will I receive information about earned money?

Payments for mining occur on a daily basis, but you will receive your payments only after they have been accumulated to a certain amount and after deducting the cost of electricity.

Minimum payments for mining are set in order to avoid paying customers excessive fees for receiving small amounts in their wallets, as well as to maintain a stable of service.