Important Notice: Fraud Protection

Important Notice: Fraud Protection

In the last months we have witnessed a steady rise of impersonators of so called Byt-Miner agents and other types of scammers.


Please be aware that:


  1. The only way to purchase from us is via our official website.
  2. We are not selling ASIC hardware.
  3. We are currently not selling any type of mining hash power.
  4. We will never ask you to send money to any address for any reason. If someone asks you to do this, they are trying to scam you and should be ignored.
  5. Our customer service will NEVER initiate a dialogue with you out of the platform, and only if you message them first via the customer service portal.
  6. We do not employ any sales agents that pro-actively chat you up with any type of private message platforms or on social media.
  7. We do NOT offer an iOS / Android app.
  8. You should always be suspicious if a merchant asks you on Whatsapp, Telegram or other not-so-formal platforms for payment.


How can YOU make sure something like this doesn’t happen to you? Remember:


  1. You can only purchase from us through our official website We would never ask you to send us any coins or payment via any other platform.
  2., and any other variations are FAKE, so always check if it’s the right spelling, the right letters, and in the right order!
  3. Byt-Miner does not have any “agents” on any social media platform.
  4. The only official way to contact us is via our Customer Support team (or , or via an official email address ending with
  5. We are currently not on any Social Media channel. Do not sign up with, follow, or like any channels that are not listed there, and do not send DM’s to anyone. Be wary of fake accounts that look similar to us!