How to start mining bitcoin: A step-by-step guide.

How to start mining bitcoin: A step-by-step guide.

Everyone can mine bitcoin. But not everyone realizes that.

Here’s how to start mining bitcoin.


Anyone who wants to mine their own bitcoins can follow this simple five-step process with Byt-Miner.



Step 1: Create an account

The journey to start mining your own bitcoin begins here. By reading this article, you’re already in the right place!



Step 2: Visit ASIC Shop and Choose an ASIC

Browse our available ASIC mining machines. Our team is ready to assist with any of your questions.

New miners can also easily connect with various communities across the industry.



Step 3: Select a Contract Runtime

Choose how long you want to keep your machine running, see our calculator for possible payout estimate.



Step 4: Join a mining pool

Once your ASICs are installed, Byt-Miner team will configure them to join the mining pool automatically.



Step 5: Get hashrates and check your payouts.

You’re done! By now your machines are hashing and you are mining bitcoin. Review your payouts daily and check your mining status.