How are hosting fees calculated?

How are hosting fees calculated?


When you buy a miner with hosting through Byt-Miner you will NOT pay a monthly hosting fee for each miner.


  • The ASIC hardware and hosting fee covers the electricity fee, facility security, customer service, and monitoring.



  • The monthly hosting fees can be estimated with the following formula:
  • Approximate cost to run S19J Pro (3.25kW at $0.062/kWh)



  • – 3.25kW/h * $0.062/kWh = $0.2015 / hour
  • – 3.25kW/h * 24 hours * $0.062/kWh = $4.836 / day
  • – 3.25kW/h * 24 hours * 31 days * $0.062/kWh = $149.916 / month



  • The actual monthly hosting amounts will fluctuate slightly depending on the days of the month and also if there is any extended maintenance at the facility. If there is any maintenance that results in extended downtime for your miners and they are not consuming power, a downtime credit will be applied.